4 Workplace Social Outing Ideas to Boost Team Morale

4 Workplace Social Outing Ideas to Boost Team Morale
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An office day out for staff should be on all managers’ work agendas as it is a great way to boost team morale and productivity. Social outings are excellent for promoting creativity in the workplace and enhancing performance, and they give employees a chance to make deeper bonds with their colleagues. Not to mention, the anticipation of an out-of-office occasion will give your colleagues something to look forward to and break up the monotony of their usual routine. Here are 4 workplace social outing ideas that your employees will enjoy.

Have Fun at a Theme Park

A workplace social outing should be all about getting away from the office and taking your employees’ minds off work, and a day at a thrilling theme park will do just that. A day trip to a theme park will allow your colleagues to let their hair down and have a laugh with each other. Whether your employees spend their day riding the adrenaline-fueled roller coasters or trying to win a prize while playing carnival games, a day out at a theme park will help them release any pent-up stress they may have. In turn, your employees will return to the office with more motivation to work. If there are no theme parks close to the workplace, why not hire a minibus to transport everyone to and from? The Minibus Centre provides vehicle contract hire and minibus leasing solutions. They can help you select the best option for your day trip, and in some instances, they can even deliver and collect the vehicle.

Indulge Them with a Work Lunch

A social outing that is both work-related and fun is a corporate lunch. Everyone needs to eat, so why not treat your employees to a meal at a local eatery? A corporate lunch is a great way to get everyone together while keeping the focus on work. Let everyone have a say when choosing a restaurant, and make sure you keep dietary requirements in mind. After a tasty meal that has been generously paid for by the company, everyone will return to the office feeling refreshed and raring to go.

Raise Funds for Charity

Social outings with a charitable focus are fantastic for morale and can truly encourage camaraderie among your employees. There are plenty of fundraising activities your workplace can try out of the office. For example, a sponsored run or walk across the city are both easy and accessible ideas that are great for people of all abilities. Alternatively, you can get a fundraising team together and throw a charity ball or dinner with all proceeds going to a good cause. Feel-good social outings are a great way to lift spirits and can help reinforce your company’s values.

Challenge the Team with an Escape Room

Escape rooms make fun, social outings for employees and are a great way for teams to band together to solve a problem. Essentially, escape rooms are all about working together and solving different types of puzzles. Once a team can follow the clues and complete their mission, they can ‘escape’ the room. Not only will this social outing test your team’s ability to solve problems, but it will also give them a fond work memory to look back on.

No matter what type of social outing you choose, the important thing is that you take the time to plan something that will be enjoyable for your team. By investing in your team’s morale, you’ll be sure to see a positive impact on your workplace.

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