How Working Outdoors Will Positively Impact Your Mental Health

How Working Outdoors Will Positively Impact Your Mental Health
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If one good thing can be taken from the unbelievably disruptive and downright shocking events caused by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, it could be said that now, with the arrival of 2022, the topic of mental health and well-being is finally more in the mainstream, both in terms of conversation and the media.

Whether you have been struggling with your emotional health for a long time or have been experiencing prolonged periods of low mood since early 2020, pursuing a career in which you spend the majority of your time outside is sure to help.

With that in mind, keep reading to learn how working outdoors will positively impact your mental health.

Careers Working Outdoors

There is a wide range of jobs where you will spend a vast amount of time outside in the open air, including the following, all of which do not require a degree qualification or significant amounts of experience:

  • Farm Worker
  • Construction Worker
  • Recycling Operative
  • Landscape Gardener
  • Photographer
  • Volunteer
  • Dog Walker
  • Animal Charity Worker
  • National Park Visitor Assistant

If it is currently simply not viable to apply for, or indeed, change the direction of your job role to one that involves spending more time outdoors, it is important, if you suffer through periods of low mood, to endeavor to spend a minimum of 20 minutes outside, whatever the weather, every single day.

Working Outdoors Will Improve Your Physical Health

Although your physical health and emotional well-being are entirely separate entities, it is absolutely true to say that when looking after one, you are inevitably improving the other.

When choosing to work outdoors, you will be using muscles you frankly never knew you had, increasing your levels of stamina, and significantly improving the overall strength of your body. Especially in the case of working for a landscape and gardening company, the use of products from reputable trade suppliers, such as, will ensure you are physically working out but with safe and specifically designed tools.

Working Outdoors Will Reduce Your Stress & Anxiety Levels

There have been many scientific studies that have concluded that spending time outdoors in nature and in the fresh air can make a substantial difference to one’s levels of stress and anxiety.

Fresh and cool air increases the levels of oxygen in the brain, which results in the production of more serotonin, which is essentially the ‘happy hormone,’ a neurotransmitter that is integral in the positive alteration of mood.

It Will Energize & Motivate

Changing your career or moving your career into another direction will always inject a sense of motivation and energy into your life.

However, choosing to work in a more natural setting and spending the majority of your working day in the fresh air will make you feel as if you are spending your time wisely and will certainly eliminate any sense of monotony that you may have previously felt working in a more conventional office job.

The bright sunlight that shines on us is known to release serotonin and other feel-good chemicals in our brains. Sunlight helps regulate our circadian rhythms, which help keep your body in tune with its natural sleep patterns. While a few hours outside is generally sufficient for getting your dose of sunlight, working outside can also be beneficial because it gets you moving and socializing at work.

There you have it: how working outdoors would have a positive impact on your mental health.

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