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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

10 TIPS To Overcome Laziness

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Tips To Stop Being Lazy      It happens to all of us. Sometimes, we just don't feel like doing anything, be it work, chores, or whatever… it's easier to chill out, relax, and forget about responsibilities. But what if this turns into a habit, and things start to pile up? Laziness can have a negative effect on both your personal and professional life. If it seems like you've slipped into a lazy cycle and you’re being unproductive, you should consider the following tips to get your life back on track!
 1 - Make Sure You're Not Overwhelmed 
    Sometimes, we have so much to do, that we just get overwhelmed, and then we end up doing nothing. It’s necessary to own realistic expectations regarding what you’re really ready to accomplish. If you have too much on your plate and no idea how you're gonna get it all done, you may just be overwhelmed, and not necessarily lazy.
2 - Get Motivated 
    Most of the time, laziness is due to a lack of motivation. Try to inspire yourself by thinking about the importance of whatever it's you wish to try and do. And if it's hard for you to stay motivated, here’s something you can try… Make a list of key points or reasons that you can reference when you need an extra push.
3 - Value Your Time
    Make the time you spend working on your tasks productive. Look at your to-do list and prioritize. This will make it harder for deadlines to sneak up on you, and easier to work productively - even if it's in short bursts.
 4 - Think About The Benefits
    Focusing on the difficulties of carrying out a task, leads to discouragement, avoidance of taking action, and laziness. Instead of thinking about the difficulties or obstacles, think about the benefits you will gain once you start taking action. When you concentrate on advantages and goals, productivity becomes much more rewarding. Learn the worth of every task and so work towards it.
 5 - Think About The Consequences
    Think about what will happen if you don't get your task or chore done. In most cases, merely considering the results of not acting, can push you to take action!
6 - Switch Things Up
     If you tend to leave the most complicated or tough tasks for last, switch it up, and begin doing those things first. You don't want to spread yourself too thin. Pick one or two things to focus on and fully devote yourself to working on those tasks. Remember, you have to work to reach your goal; it's not going to happen right away.
 7 - Track Your Progress
     Sticking to new changes can be challenging. Tracking results is an effective way to help make new habits stick. If you can see that ‘holding yourself accountable’ is helping you reach your goal, it will be much easier to keep up.

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8 - Schedule Break Times
     You need to take an occasional break, but make sure that time is limited, so you don't lose momentum. For example, you could commit to working on your tasks for the first 45 minutes of every hour and then take a 15-minute break.
 9 - Look For Alternatives
     Is there a better, or more efficient way to do things? Think of ways you can be more effective. You’ll find that the more you streamline, automate, delegate, and outsource, the more you’ll get done with the same level of effort.
10 - Take Some Time Off
    Perhaps you're just too tired… With work, school, and all other stresses of everyday life, it can get pretty difficult to wake up early, exercise, get chores done, and do whatever else you need to do. It's easy to fall behind once you feel exhausted. If you're feeling such as you got to take a bit time to recharge, then take it!
     No one is immune to occasional laziness. However, it's how you deal with it and motivate yourself that can keep you on the right track. Everyone has a growing to-do list, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Overcoming laziness is achieved through a series of daily actions and activities - by choosing to act, instead of remaining passive. And every time you choose to act, you increase your ability to win, achieve goals and improve your life. So start right now! Develop the self-discipline you need, and get your works done!
     Did you find these tips helpful? How do YOU deal with laziness? Don’t be lazy! Please comment below. Thank You


Friday, January 25, 2019

Personality Development Tips

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 What is personality? I think it's an inside-out thing and in general, I would say it's a composite of your thoughts your feelings and your actions and all of these can be improved on many levels.
     Being a human being, you need to understand that besides attaining your personal goals, dealing with others and coping with situations in life as they happen is also very important. Personality development refers to a process whereby you increase your efficiency and enhance yourself as a person achieving success in all your endeavors. There are some very good Personality Development Tips to help you improve as a person and achieve a lot more than you actually have. Remember, it is an ongoing process and never ends, and so these 8 amazing Personality Development Tips need to adhere to no matter at what stage of your career or life you are in.

1. Keep flashing a sunny smile- People underestimate the significance of a bright smile and keep a frown on their face. A smile conveys a positive signal to others and you are perceived as a warm person ready to accept others. People find it easy to work and interact with you.
2. Experience Diverse Things- Doing a lot of things widens your horizons and perspective. It also helps in developing people skills, which is one of the many important Personality Development Tips.
3. Practice and adopt a more optimistic outlook on life.- Nobody likes being around somebody who's pessimistic, always talking about the negative, ever looking at the good and anything right. Well, this is something that you have to change. If you are persistently and consistently talking about negative things, acknowledge that you're doing it and then work on developing a more positive outlook all. Sometimes simply look at it things a little bit differently can make all the difference in the world .
4.Say Thank You- People appreciate you when they know that you remember their efforts. Being social helps in myriad ways and you will be surprised how others are more than ready to help you when you are in distress.
5. Be Responsible- Do not always crib about things and other people. Do not blame others for your failures and take responsibility for your actions. This is one of those Personality Development Tips that lets others perceive you as a reliable person. Take responsibility for your actions, your thoughts your feelings and that will definitely improve your personality and people will admire you for it. They might not like everything you're doing, but you will get involved in the end.
6. Have the ability to laugh at yourself. - This is easier said than done and until you actually have a secure sense of self and feel good about who you are and comfortable in your own skin ,you're probably not going to be able to do that . it's something that I feel people with good personalities have in common
7. Do things  every day to facilitate and develop your confidence. -When you feel good about who you are, your confidence will increase. You're going to be like oh I feel great about myself and that is going to transition and transcend every aspect of your life including your personality.
8. Be grateful always -Get into a state of continuous gratitude because that is also a highly spiritual stage where you're attracting good to you. So practice being grateful for anything and everything. start out early in the morning. Just as you take your first breath in the morning be grateful for that you're actually breathing.
      Personality Development Tips are for everyone and not just for those facing this or the other problem in their lives. You will be surprised at how just a little effort on your part by making use of these Personality Development Tips you can bring about a world of difference in the quality of your life, not to mention the success that you will achieve.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Find An Extra Hour Daily To Transform Your Life

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     You are already thinking that this is impossible as your day is already full – you go to bed late and still don’t have everything done, right? Well, I think the same way occasionally until I make time to review my time. But, have you taken a few minutes to really review your schedule and activities to see if you can find an hour for yourself by stealing a little bit of time from other activities?
     Everyone needs a little quiet time because, without it, stress, depression, and anxiety tend to creep into our lives. Creating an extra hour each day for reflection can really pay off over time. You’ll realize that the standard of your life improves after you create time to mirror on your goals, dreams, and needs.
    Focusing your mind on what is most important to you, enables you to go after those dreams with a passion and bring them to life. Try these ideas to find that extra time to reflect:
    Re-purpose some of your TV time.
      Television is a significant time waster. Most people average 4+ hours of TV per day. If that’s you, this is an easy place to find an hour.
  Spend less time on the internet.
     The net is a great source of information, but it’s also an easy place to spend a lot of unproductive time. For example, how much time do you spend on social media websites reading about what your friends are having for dinner? Really? Just cut back and use the time for yourself.
  Early to bed, early to rise… 
     If you can get up an hour earlier, that’s an hour you have to yourself. There’s something quiet and peaceful about the morning that you don’t get at other times of the day.
  Limit your email time.
      Plan a specific amount of time, once per day, to check and reply to emails.
 Cut out some shopping.
      Drop all your shopping (except grocery shopping) for a month. It’s just a month. You can go for a month without buying anything, can’t you? If that seems like too long, try two weeks.
 Drop some of the extraneous after work activities.
       Instead of all the other things you might have planned, use some of this time for yourself.
 Ration your reading time.
      Keep the most important parts of your reading activity and limit the non-essential reading to a set amount of time each day.
 Cut down on your playtime. 
     It’s certainly important for your wellbeing to take time to relax and participate in activities that you enjoy. However, if you find that you play video games for hours at a time or spend frequent evenings out on the town, perhaps you can shave a little of this time off for reflection.
      These are 8 ways you can find another hour, and you can easily find 8 more. If you use just 4 of these ideas each day, you would only have to cut out 15 minutes of each activity to find your hour.

How can you use that hour to create a more fulfilling life? Try these tips:

1. Review your goals.
    Remind yourself of your goals every day. How are things progressing? Is your plan to reach your goals moving you forward? Just reading them each day is helpful.
2. Think about your day.
    Each day, ask yourself what you’ve learned. What did you do well? What mistakes did you make? Can you make choices that serve you better? How? What are you grateful for today?
Imagine if each day were a little better than the last, on the average. What would your life be like a year from now?
3. Meditate. Escape the hustle and bustle of life and quiet your mind.
4. Journal.
   You’ll be shocked at how much you can learn about yourself when you write down your feelings. Plus, a journal gives you a venue to write about your challenges, reduce your stress about them, and work through them to find solutions.

    Give yourself the gift of an extra hour each day for reflection. An hour a day can be transformational – find your hour and take advantage of it.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Steps to Discover Your Life Purpose and Gain Self Confidence

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        “The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.” 
         Discovering your life purpose is not an easy process. Ask someone what their purpose in life is, what do you think you will receive as an answer? Possibly a fuzzy list of goals or maybe responsibilities, for example, to be the best parent; be an honest person; be a true friend. Although these are important, who doesn’t want to be the best parent, or an honest person or be a true friend? What you want and need is a specific, defined purpose for your life, a purpose which you are passionate about, a purpose which helps you to understand that you are living for something bigger than yourself. To accomplish this, you need to move beyond this “fuzzy” list of goals.
          Do you think you can succeed as a wandering generality or do you need to become a meaningful specific? In the book “Over the Top”, Zig Ziglar thinks you need to become the meaningful specific. Are you really ready to go? If so, it’s time to get very detailed regarding your purpose here in this life. To get started, these strategies may help you to find your life purpose and gain self-confidence.

Find the purpose .. your life, your purpose.

        There is so much noise going on in your mind and around you, you are unable to hear the internal dialogue of the important things. You must let go of all this noise in order to find your purpose and hear the really important dialogue. It’s not to say that what’s going on in the outside is not important. But other people give us so many opinions, requests and suggestions about how things should be, we do not even try to hear our own dialogue or consider what is important to us. It’s your life and your purpose, make the effort to consult with the most important person, yourself.
        Your growth spiritually and personally is your responsibility. Many people may be telling what you should and should not do with your life, but it is not anyone else’s responsibility, again,, it is your life, your purpose. Filter these other things out by creating “selective ignorance”, Once you do this, your focus can move to the skill needed to help find your purpose. As you take on this responsibility, you will gain self-confidence.

Start to hear your internal dialogue
        The one critical step is to start creating self-awareness. Find YOUR specific purpose. Begin by listening to yourself. To help cut out all the other noise, you should begin by keeping a daily journal of your thoughts. Benjamin Franklin, the great inventor, said: “If you’re not to be forgotten when you’re dead and rotten, either do things worth writing about or write things worth reading about.” Many great men and women in history invested the time to write in their daily journals, keeping track of their thoughts and reflections. There is no question, these actions had an impact on their self-confidence and achievements.
     Writing can clarify the multitude of thoughts going around in your head all day long. Writing focuses your mind to bring about this clarity.
      In addition to writing your thoughts down, ask yourself questions which relate to your purpose and write down these answers. For instance: “What do I want to be remembered for? “ and “Before I die, what are the things I want to complete?… By asking these questions you are developing a new skill. The skill is interpreting your thoughts and listening to your inner dialogue. Your answers will start to become clear and detailed, creating your purpose.

You will find Your Life Purpose By Beginning the Journey

        Don’t wait for the inspiration to come to you, go after it.  Your mind needs some help. Begin feeding it materials which will help you further understand your own desires. Someone has walked before you and has done something similar.
        Give yourself time and opportunity to become a reader ( audiobooks, podcasts, and videos work) and researcher of the subjects you’re interested in. Along with your journaling, you will succeed in finding your life purpose. You will gain self-confidence at each step in this process. Taking responsibility and taking action will increase your self-confidence.
 I hope you like this article. Please share your thoughts and experiences on improving self-confidence and discovering your life purpose

Thank You..