A Short Guide To Planning Your Perfect Honeymoon

A Guide to Making Beautiful Memories on Your Couples Vacation
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Your honeymoon is arguably one of the most important vacations you will take in your entire life. It is an opportunity for you and your new spouse to enjoy the first holiday together as a married couple and create memories that will last a lifetime. As such, you might want to spend some extra time in the planning stages for your honeymoon to ensure that it is that bit more special for you and your other half. Read on for a short guide to planning your perfect honeymoon.


First and foremost, you should decide on your budget. This will give you a financial framework within which to work when planning and booking your honeymoon to ensure that you do not completely break the bank. Bear in mind, however, that honeymoons usually require a larger budget than the average vacation, to take into account extras like once in a lifetime experiences and exclusive resorts.


There are many beautiful destinations all over the world that are perfect for a romantic and unforgettable honeymoon, but choosing which to go to can be difficult. Many couples choose to visit a bucket list destination for their special holiday. For example, you could take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to a remote tropical island, like Hawaii or Bali. Alternatively, you might decide to take a trip to a destination that has long been associated with love and romance. Imagine watching the sunset behind the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the city of love, or enjoying a romantic gondola ride in Venice.


You probably want to choose something a bit more luxurious than a hostel for your honeymoon. A luxury resort is perfect, enabling you and your other half to be pampered in exotic surroundings for a truly decadent experience. Many resorts are perfectly tailored to their destination and travel style. For instance, resorts in Maui allow you to sample the warm Hawaiian hospitality and enjoy the beautiful beaches that the islands are famous for.


Although you will likely want to spend most of your honeymoon relaxing with your new spouse, make sure you take part in some activities too. Your hotel, for example, could have spa facilities for you to enjoy. Or, your destination might be home to unmissable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. A trip to South Africa, for instance, wouldn’t be complete without a safari tour. Research your destination beforehand to decide which activities you would like to do and what can be booked in advance, such as a reservation at a top Parisian restaurant to sample some of that famous French cuisine.

Check health and safety advice

To ensure that your honeymoon isn’t ruined by illness, it is worth checking travel health guidance for your destination and organizing necessary vaccinations and medications. For instance, some countries require certification of yellow fever vaccinations from travelers, and you might also be advised to take malaria medication. Remember to check the covid status of your destination and any quarantine and vaccination requirements before booking anything. 

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