Respect And Communication In A Relationship

Respect And Communication In A Relationship
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Mutual Respect and Communication are very important for a healthy relationship. A healthy relationship is one where each person respects him/herself and the other without being jealous or controlling. This respect reaches our personality and interests. In a healthy relationship, your partner respects you the way you are. He respects your interests, opinions, hobbies, work, etc.

Some people make their partner leave their friends and hobbies little by little to pay attention only to him. In the beginning the bliss makes this seem to be ok. But then we realize we are not being ourselves and we might miss our old “me” and our friends.

Other times it is oneself who gives up her own personality to become centered in her partner. You might then adopt the other’s tastes, likes and dislikes, ways of speaking and behavior. This might seem a good way to catch the other person at first, but as you grow in your relationship, your partner can get tired and find you to be a burden. Most of us like people who have their own personality and likings, their own opinions and hobbies, not people without opinion or personality.

Other things you can do to improve your relationship are:

  • -Developing a fluent and open communication.
  • -Spending time together doing something rewarding.
  • -Treating each other with love and affection.
  • -Having common goals.
  • -Having a good sense of humor.
  • -Building each other up
  • -Honoring each other’s boundaries, no matter what
  • -Speaking kindly to and about each other
Respect And Communication In A Relationship

Here are the 9 steps to smooth communication:

Communication is one of the most important sides of any relationship. Mastering the techniques for effective communication is essential to improve your relationship.

1. Choose the right moment:

If you or your partner just came from work, are tired or stressed, the kids are around… wait for a better moment to speak. Small talk can take place whenever but if you have to talk about a sensitive subject, you might want to tell your partner in advance and let her/him pick the moment. Be careful not to sound very dramatic when you say “we need to talk”. This sentence scares people (since they usually don’t like to talk) and might cause them to reject any conversation.

2. Choose the right environment:

A quiet place that is neutral to both will be more inviting than a crowded or uncomfortable place. The cozier the place, the better.

3. Ask the right questions:

Most of the time people come up with solutions to their problems when they hear themselves speak more than when they hear you speak. Bring up the subject you want to talk about and ask what he/she thinks about it. Asking the right questions will help the other person come up with solutions by himself/herself.

4. Listen carefully:

Don’t start thinking about what you’re going to say next. Instead of that try to understand what he/she means. Take another step and be empathetic: try to understand how the person is feeling and what he/she is going through. In order to be empathetic, it is important to get yourself out of the victim role, to stop feeling sorry for yourself and to focus on the other person’s feelings.

5. Express yourself:

After being empathetic, you still need to express how you feel. If you begin by saying what you’re happy about you will reinforce him/her positively. Then go on by expressing what you need, what you’re unhappy about, or what you think needs to improve in your relationship.

6. Use the right words:

Don’t beat around the bush. Use simple, easy-to-understand words for the person you’re speaking with.

7. Use the right tone:

It shouldn’t be aggressive or defeatist. A self-confident and understanding tone is the best choice.

8. Avoid criticism:

Criticism is one of the biggest barriers to effective communication.

9. Pay attention to nonverbal communication.

In nonverbal communication folding your arms usually means you’re not interested, and touching your nose can mean you’re lying. Try to communicate openness and calmness.

    I hope you enjoyed this article about the importance of mutual respect and communication for a healthy relationship. Please don’t forget to share your tips for a healthy relationship.

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