Do You Want To Live A Happy And Successful Life?

Do You Want To Live A Happy And Successful Life?
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Human life is the most precious and God has given us a gift to us. Hence we must enjoy it happily and successfully. It is not meant for weeping and sleeping only. God created us with a specific purpose. A happy life will automatically enhance one self-confidence and personality and status in society. Here are some simple tips to live a happy and successful life.

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” Jim Rohn

Avoid Egoism:

Egoism is nothing but an “I and myself mentality”. Usually, most of us are of the (false) opinion that we know more compared to others and need not heed others’ advice and suggestions. Thus, sometimes we may take wrong decisions and causes irreparable damage to ourselves and also our family members.

Avoid the fear of Defeat:

Fear is the root cause of all the defeats that often we face in our lives and most of the time it is imaginary and has no sufficient base. Be brave and have the courage and mentality of “come what may happen, I face it boldly”. Certainly, your mind will be free from that devil of fear.


Self-confidence walks before every success. Such is the effect and importance of confidence in our life and career. Without it, you can’t move even for a short distance. It can be compared to a spear, which can pierce anything and makes its way forward. Never lose confidence in yourself and go ahead and success will be in your palms. Study the life of “Abraham Lincoln”, the president of America, and see how he faced repeated failures in his life.

Proper Planning:

Everything is in the zigzag state if there is no prior and proper planning. Everywhere, everything goes according to a plan of action. To construct a multi-storied building, the architect prepares a map of the monument, and then it will become very easy to construct that building. The same thing we have to do with our may not be perfect because life is unpredictable but, we should be prepared to face all difficulties. And with proper planning, the problems will appear small.

Family responsibilities:

Owning family responsibilities is the part and parcel of successful living. Nobody takes any interest in other’s family problems. You can’t avoid and escape from them. Be with your family when they need you the most.

Financial Securities:

You must earn money and secure it either in cash or kind, for future safety. But, your earnings should be in a rightful manner, not in illegal ways, under any circumstances. Otherwise, the law will take its own course of action.

Proper goal-setting:

A goalless life is compared to a boat without a rudder. One must have a goal (proper destination or achieving something) in life, to make life meaningful and role model to others. We can take inspiration from the lives of so many great leaders, like –“Mahatma Gandhi (India), Abraham Lincoln of America, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, etc.

Avoiding postponing mentality:

The golden word is: “Never postpone a thing till tomorrow, what can be done today”. Nobody knows about tomorrow and what is in the preserve for it. Today is equal to ready cash. So, it better depend on cash, rather than cheques  (which may be bounced) often. So try to avoid Procrastination.

Dedication and devotion:

In any dealing, trust plays a vital role and sincerity has a greater effect on our deeds and dealings with others. Hence, devotion and dedication have positive roles in achieving success and goals in our life and career. Well as you can’t change people, you can influence them…Be a dedicated person and people will follow your lead.

Having interest:

Last but not least is “having an interest” in our job or profession or career or business or anything else, we are dealing with, doing, or working. Without enthusiasm and interest, we can’t reach our goal (aim) and achieve success in our valuable life and career.

These are some tips to be happy and successful. It will take time but you will know you are on the right path if you follow these simple tips…So start to follow them today and live a happy life…

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