Steps to Discover Your Life Purpose and Gain Self Confidence

Steps to Discover Your Life Purpose and Gain Self Confidence
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Discovering your life purpose is not an easy process. Ask someone what their purpose in life is, what do you think you will receive as an answer? Possibly a fuzzy list of goals or maybe responsibilities, for example, to be the best parent; be an honest person; be a true friend. Although these are important, who doesn’t want to be the best parent or an honest person or be a true friend? What you want and need is a specific, defined purpose for your life, a purpose which you are passionate about, a purpose that helps you to understand that you are living for something bigger than yourself. To accomplish this, you need to move beyond this “fuzzy” list of goals.

        “The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.” 

Do you think you can succeed as a wandering generality or do you need to become a meaningful specific? In the book “Over the Top”, Zig Ziglar thinks you need to become a meaningful specific. Are you really ready to go? If so, it’s time to get very detailed regarding your purpose here in this life. To get started, these strategies may help you to find your life purpose and gain self-confidence.

Find the purpose .. your life, your purpose.

There is so much noise going on in your mind and around you, you are unable to hear the internal dialogue of the important things. You must let go of all this noise in order to find your purpose and hear the really important dialogue. It’s not to say that what’s going on on the outside is not important. But other people give us so many opinions, requests, and suggestions about how things should be, we do not even try to hear our own dialogue or consider what is important to us. It’s your life and your purpose, make the effort to consult with the most important person, yourself.

Your growth spiritually and personally is your responsibility. Many people may be telling what you should and should not do with your life, but it is not anyone else’s responsibility, again,, it is your life, your purpose. Filter these other things out by creating “selective ignorance”, Once you do this, your focus can move to the skill needed to help find your purpose. As you take on this responsibility, you will gain self-confidence.

Start to hear your internal dialogue

The one critical step is to start creating self-awareness. Find YOUR specific purpose. Begin by listening to yourself. To help cut out all the other noise, you should begin by keeping a daily journal of your thoughts. Benjamin Franklin, the great inventor, said: “If you’re not to be forgotten when you’re dead and rotten, either do things worth writing about or write things worth reading about.” Many great men and women in history invested the time to write in their daily journals, keeping track of their thoughts and reflections. There is no question, these actions had an impact on their self-confidence and achievements.

Writing can clarify the multitude of thoughts going around in your head all day long. Writing focuses your mind to bring about this clarity.

In addition to writing your thoughts down, ask yourself questions that relate to your purpose and write down these answers. For instance: “What do I want to be remembered for? “ and “Before I die, what are the things I want to complete?… By asking these questions you are developing a new skill. The skill is interpreting your thoughts and listening to your inner dialogue. Your answers will start to become clear and detailed, creating your purpose.

You will find Your Life Purpose By Beginning the Journey

Don’t wait for the inspiration to come to you, go after it.  Your mind needs some help. Begin feeding it materials that will help you further understand your own desires. Someone has walked before you and has done something similar.

Give yourself time and opportunity to become a reader ( audiobooks, podcasts, and videos work) and researcher of the subjects you’re interested in. Along with your journaling, you will succeed in finding your life purpose. You will gain self-confidence at each step in this process. Taking responsibility and taking action will increase your self-confidence.

Steps to Discover Your Life Purpose and Gain Self Confidence

 I hope you like this article. Please share your thoughts and experiences on improving self-confidence and discovering your life purpose

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