Don’t believe Everything you hear. Believe in Yourself.

Don't believe Everything you hear. Believe in Yourself.
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Don’t believe everything you hear. Believe something true and, in this way, reprogram your mind. Then notice the difference it makes in the results you achieve and in your life. Have faith in yourself. Don’t believe others blindly.  We always got carried away by what others say. But we have to be careful with those who want to take advantage of us.

The Priest And The Goat Story.

   ” Don’t believe everything you hear. There are always three sides to a story, yours, theirs and the truth.”

There is an old kid’s story that

will explain this quote.

Once, there lived a pious Priest in a small village.  He was an innocent- and simple-minded person used to perform religious rituals.  On one occasion, they rewarded him with the goat for his services by a rich man.  The Priest was glad to get a goat as the reward.  He happily slung the goat over his shoulder and started the journey closer to his home.  on the way, three cheaters (Thugs) noticed the Priest taking the goat.  

They saw the healthy goat on the Priest’s shoulders and whispered, “That is a very plump goat. Let us trick the Priest and take the goat away. We can then make a tasty dish out of it” After figuring out the plan, they got separated from each other and took exclusive hiding positions at three different places on the way of the Priest.

As quickly as, the Priest arrived in a lonely area, one cheat came out of his hiding place and asked Priest hastily, “Sir, what are you doing?  I don’t recognize why a pious man such as you need to carry a dog on his shoulders?”  It surprised the Priest to listen to such words.  He screamed, “Can’t you spot? It’s not a dog but a goat, you silly idiot”.  The cheat answered, “Sir, I beg your pardon.  I told you what I noticed.  I’m sorry if you don’t accept as true with it”.  The Priest was irritated at the discrepancy but began his journey all over again.

The Priest had barely walked a distance, while another cheat came out of his hiding place and asked the Priest, “Sir, why do you carry a dead calf in your shoulders?  You seem to be a sensible individual. Such an act is pure stupidity in your component”.  The Priest yelled, “What? how can you mistake a living goat for a dead calf?”  the second one spoke back, “Sir, you appear to be tremendously mistaken.  either you don’t recognize how does goat appear like or you are doing it knowingly.  I simply informed you what I saw. thanks”.  the second one cheat went away smiling.  The Priest got stressed but still continued to walk further.

Again the Priest had covered a little distance when the third cheat met him.  The third cheat asked laughingly, “Sir, why do you carry a donkey in your shoulders? It makes you a laughing stock”.  listening to the words of the third thug, the Priest has become worried.  He started out wondering, “Is it really not a goat? Is it some kind of ghost?”

He thought the animal he was carrying on his shoulders might be some kind of ghost, as it transformed itself from the goat right into a dog, from a dog into a dead calf, and from the lifeless calf into a donkey.  He got so frightened that he hurled the goat at the roadside and ran away.  The three tricksters laughed at the gullible Priest.  They caught the goat and were happy to feast on it.

Well, he could have saved the goat if only he Believed himself. 

    Don’t believe everything you hear. Believe in Yourself. don’t get confused by others’ opinions. It’s your life. Be the In-charge.

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  1. This happens a lot… the society have different set of rules than we learn in school…

  2. Yes it's hard's an old kids story from Panchatantra ..we learned it when we were kids but we forgot to use in life when we grow up..

  3. Interesting lesson… it is hard not to sway when majority says you're wrong.

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