Sustainable Modern Career Choices

Sustainable Modern Career Choices
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In an age of immense uncertainty, all of us crave something constant, whether it be the people that we spend our time with, routines we love doing, and most of all the jobs and careers that we have. Human beings spend more time at work than anywhere else and as times change, the choices you make about your career can be the most important decisions you make.

This article provides you with some food for thought around what sustainable career choices are in today’s ever-changing context.

What is a sustainable career?

A sustainable career is generally one that has longevity, has renewal opportunities, is flexible, and can provide you with meaning and a sense of purpose. This means that the job you do must be able to carry you through your entire work/life cycle or be able to be adjusted to meet your needs throughout your career if it is to be regarded as sustainable. Then there are those jobs that by their very nature are sustainable, such as environmental sustainability consultants. There is differentiation and these, for the sake of this article would be referred to as environmental or green jobs. Herein, it is the former that we are concerned with, a job that will bring fulfillment and can last a lifetime.

Elderly care

Why:- The number of people globally that are 65 and older has been on the increase for a number of years and these people are living longer and healthier. Furthermore, with the use and practice of proactive healthcare, people are able to identify and treat chronic illness, providing a much better quality of life for a much longer period of time. As the research shows, an ounce of prevention is indeed worth a pound of cure. These are the top two reasons that a career in elderly care is one of the fastest-growing job sectors and provides a long-term opportunity, considering that these are ongoing trends.

What:- Jobs range from providing live-in care to working at an elderly living facility.

How:- Getting into the sector can be a cinch with the right qualifications and the right attitude. One of the best ways to do this is to enroll in RCFE classes and also to seek work experience.

Technology/cloud computing

Why:- With more remote work here to stay, more and more people and businesses are relying on the cloud. It has become a growth industry all on its own, from sales and marketing to maintenance and security there has been a marked increase in the number of jobs linked to the growth of cloud computing. Furthermore, the rise of remote working means that businesses, both big and small are all in the cloud or on their way there.

What:- From being a cloud administrator, cloud architect, or cloud software engineer, the range of career choices is as wide and varied as there are types of businesses that make use of the space in the cloud.

How:- Online courses are proving to be the preferred means of gaining knowledge and experience in information technology with specific reference to cloud tech. It should also be kept in mind that there is a need for management of such technical skills and the ability to amalgamate management and technical skills to provide a service on demand. So, cloud computing opens up a wealth of job types and levels and will continue to do so well into the future.


Why:- Advances in medical care and diagnosis have led to an increase in both the understanding and application of proactive healthcare. From this premise, it is understandable why registered nursing is one of the fastest-growing professions in the USA. It is expected to grow by at least 7%, until 2029.

What:- The registered nurse is recognized as the starting point and currently, the profession that is growing the fastest, however, it is a beginning for careers in more specialized nursing fields that have also seen an increase in demand.

How:- The best advice is therefore to embark on the RGN course as a basis and once this has been done at a reputable institution or organization, then there will be huge scope for growth and further development.

Environmental Consultant

Why:- There has been a marked increase in the number of people that are concerned as to how we look after the environment. This is something that now concerns individuals and businesses and can make or break a brand. An environmental consultant provides advice for businesses, governments, and community leaders on environmental issues. The control of pollution, impact of farming, waste management, recycling, and any impact on the nature of where we live are all issues that an environmental consultant can be involved in. Furthermore, any work or job that is related to the environment, will for as long as we exist be relevant.

What:- The type of environmental consultancy jobs available are varied and numerous, including sustainability consultants, environmental impact assessment consultants, and environmental stakeholder analysts, which are just some of the jobs that are in demand at the moment.

How:- The first step is to engender an appreciation of the environment. Then there are several short courses that you can do to adjust to an existing career.

Final Thoughts

There is an opportunity for all those who are able to do a little work or training to move into these careers, using existing skills and experience. Care homes and carers need managers and administrators, cloud computing is proliferating all areas of life, from local charities to large online stores and all of our jobs can be done in a way that does less harm to the environment.

For many, the choice of what work to do is about providing a living and a lifestyle. A sustainable career can take the stress out of this process, providing certainty that the role you have chosen to perform to support your lifestyle and living choices will last. The careers mentioned herein will stand the test of time and will allow those that embark on these journeys some form of stability in a context of continuous change. There is no better time than the present to rethink your career and either embark on a brand-new one or shift lanes.

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