Positive Affirmations To Boost Self-Esteem

Positive Affirmations To Boost Self-Esteem

     One way to build self-esteem and become a positive and self-reliant person is to use self-esteem affirmations. Positive thoughts can influence your habitual thinking patterns and the thoughts in your head that mold self-esteem. You must be thinking  Why isn’t everyone using this process? Well, we are are not educated in the use of positive thoughts to improve self-esteem.

      The objective of this post is to assist you in putting together a set of affirmations for yourself.  It is not difficult to create a personal group of positive affirmations that create positive results and are easy to use.

Everyone has Standards,  What are yours?

      Close your eyes and envision someone with high self-esteem.  Take a look at the actions of this individual you are envisioning.   What does self-confidence look like?   What it feels like, sounds like?    Your brain needs to understand your answers to these questions. This is how you can create your definition of the standards that are important for the self-confident you.

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You want to influence your subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind will take action on directions received from you.  These directions must be very detailed.  Positive self-esteem attributes can be translated into detailed instructions required by your subconscious.  Some specific examples may include the ability to speak in front of a group, the ability to let the waiter know there is a problem with your meal, the ability to talk with a stranger and the courage to talk with your boss.

What is on your list of actions of a confident person? Comment Below..

Positive Affirmations:  the formula

      There are four guidelines in creating your positive affirmations:

  • Use the present tense;
  • Be positive, no words like “don’t” or “can’t”
  • Use the word “I”
  • Be action-oriented

A few examples are:

“I’m assertive and influential at work-related tasks.”
“I draw near people and strangers and have open conversations.”
“I’m skilled at selling and closing sales.”
“I am regimented and independent In staying with my exercise plan.”

Notice that all of these positive self-esteem affirmations have four things in common:

  • Use of the present tense.
  • There are no negative words.
  • Use the word “I”.
  • There is an action.

You have written your positive affirmations according to your standards,   what is next?

positive affirmation


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Your Affirmations:  Practice, Practice, and More Practice

      Using self-esteem affirmations is a continual program that you must do regularly.  In the morning and in the evening, say your affirmations out loud, every day.   This training process for your mind required repetition.  This is not any different than training your body.   You must be consistent.   The minute you slack off, your results are impacted.

Make this a part of every day.   If you are bored,  write new ones.  Practice your self-esteem affirmations every day.  This a commitment you need to make for the rest of your life —  a gift to yourself to gain self-confidence and make these parts of your actions naturally.



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  1. Love this! Me and my best friend used to write positive affirmations on post its and put them all over! I should start doing that again! Great reminder 🙂

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