The Affirmation Process – How to get maximum results

The Affirmation Process - How to get maximum results
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You are finally ready to give the affirmation process a try. You are either curious about them or convinced that affirmations can help you, and you have diligently followed the rules for writing effective affirmation statements.

Now you need to know how to use affirmations effectively so that you can make them into new beliefs that will help you develop a positive attitude and reach your goals.

There are two different ways in which you can utilize the affirmation process.

Affirmation Process #1: Maximize Your Exposure

The first method is to repeat the affirmation frequently throughout the day. You can do this by saying your affirmations out loud or repeating them quietly to yourself. You can also get repeated exposure to your affirmations by putting them on screen savers, recording and listening to them, or writing them down and posting them around your living space. I’ve got another article with lots more ideas on ways to increase your exposure to your affirmations.

The reason behind this affirmation process is to give your brain as much exposure as possible to the new beliefs you are trying to install. This is important because your inner voice will often argue with you when you repeat an affirmation. An example might be if you’re not doing well financially and you’re telling yourself that you’re wealthy. Your inner voice will likely follow up your affirmation with a tail-ender like “you’re lying’ or “that will never happen to me.” By exposing yourself to your affirmations more frequently, you can overcome a lot of the resistance from your inner voice, and the message can slowly start sinking into your subconscious brain. Over time, this message will become a new belief.

Affirmation Process #2: Use High-Quality Exposure

As I mentioned before, the point of the affirmation process is to install new beliefs into your subconscious brain. You can help speed up the process by first getting yourself into a relaxed state of mind. When your conscious mind is in a relaxed state, your inner voice is quieted and it doesn’t object to your affirmations as much. And when your inner voice isn’t arguing with your affirmations, they have a more direct path to your subconscious brain. Meditation can help a lot with this. If you’re not familiar with meditation, or you have trouble with it, you can try a program like Holosync or Insight to help relax your mind.

Even if you don’t meditate, you can still get good results by relaxing. Start by lying down or sitting in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes and let go of any tension or stress you may be feeling. Take the time to scan through each body part and let go of any tension you notice. Is your forehead tense, are you clenching your jaw, and are your shoulders balled uptightly? Slowly check each part of your body and let go of any tension you notice. Give yourself a few minutes to get completely relaxed.

Once you’re completely relaxed, you’re ready to repeat your affirmations. It’s helpful if you have them memorized, but if you need to, just open your eyes for a moment to read the affirmation. Repeat the affirmation quietly to yourself three times slowly, and then take a minute or two to visualize it. Repeat this process until you’ve gone through your whole list of affirmations.

By using this affirmation process you’re not only getting more direct access to your subconscious brain, you’re also starting to add a visual element to your affirmations. Your mind often thinks in images and your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what you’re actually seeing and what you imagine. If you can feed it with both the words and the images of achieving your goals, you’ll accelerate your results.


Don’t just pick one affirmation process; use both on a daily basis. Use method #1 as often as possible and give your mind maximum exposure to your affirmations. Use method #2 once or twice a day. First thing in the morning and just before bed is the best times for this. Make sure you stick with the same affirmations for a minimum of 30 days straight. It takes at least this long to overcome old thinking habits. If you miss a day, you should start your count over on day one.

By combining these two processes, you can accelerate the results you want to achieve. Soon those affirmations will become new beliefs and you will be well on your way to developing a positive attitude and achieving your goals.

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