Tips To Boost Energy Level

Tips To Boost Energy Level
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Two years ago I suffered low-grade chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. So energy is now a precious commodity to me. Health issues are one thing, but there are some other energy zappers and power parasites we can look at.

Have you ever noticed, that different tasks require different types of energy? Some things don’t require much energy at all, like watching t.v. The other end of the scale, are things that require more energy or focus, such as bookwork or phoning for me.

Also, have you ever noticed that it’s impossible to be depressed when you have good energy! Energy is a fragile thing for some days.

Here are some tips to help you improve your energy:

1: Clutter – 

If your environment is crowded and so full of stuff you don’t need, use or love, this becomes chaotic for our minds and can have the effect of blocking energy. So get rid of the clutter! You can’t organize it. Start by getting rid of the more obvious stuff, and you’ll be amazed at how dramatic an effect this can have for you.

2: Good Sleep – 

Ok, own up. Did you stay up too late last night? Or did you have trouble getting to sleep cos you were too wound up? Don’t try to keep busy or work right until bedtime. Set a deadline for when you start to settle yourself down for the evening. A bedtime routine works for many people. Brush your teeth, have a warm shower or bath, a warm drink, etc. But settle down. Get any thoughts down in a journal or notepad, including having a plan for tomorrow. A wise person once said, “Never start the day before it’s finished”. In other words, know what you want to accomplish tomorrow. It will help you keep your energy focused.

3: The Golden Hour – 

For most people, their energy is most focused first thing in the morning. So don’t waste your ‘golden hour’ and the best energy of the day on trivial or minor things. Spend that golden hour on one maximum impact thing. One thing that compels you towards your future life by design. It could be working toward a goal. What is the one thing, that if you completed it today, would have a great impact on your forward direction?

4: Nutrition –

Ok, be honest. Is your diet and water intake as good as they could be? It’s confronting to think about, isn’t it? Low GI and high water content foods are known to assist better health and nutrient delivery to the cells. Caffeine, however, tends to artificially spike your adrenal system, and in the long term is counterproductive. For me, If I have too much caffeine, I can’t sleep. Then I’m tired all the next day. One step you can take today is to drink no less than 8 glasses of water. Reward yourself with a sticker or smiley on the calendar each day you do it.

5: Procrastination – 

Have you ever noticed it takes more energy to put something off than it does to just get it done? Sometimes the job seems so overwhelming or time-consuming that we just don’t start at all. Then when we do it, it doesn’t take that long at all. Well, do you really have to do the whole job in one go? Can you break it into baby steps? Set a timer and just do 15 minutes. Just jump in and start. Sometimes that’s all it takes, and the energy comes with the action.

6: Get your Blood going 

Change your body posture. Look up. Better still, get up! Put some music on and move for 5 minutes. Dance around your living room with a smile. Go for it! Have fun. Some days when I’m struggling with energy, this is all it takes.

7: Bad Habits 

We all have them. Yes, even me 😉 I believe you can’t change a bad habit. You can only transform or replace it.

Ok, that’s plenty to think about for now. Of course, there’s much more that affects our energy. But I’ve already identified one thing from today’s list that I can work on to improve my energy. What’s one thing that you can do today? that’s going to improve your energy. Make a positive habit of starting today.

Let’s Go For it!

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