A Guide to Making Beautiful Memories on Your Couples Vacation

A Guide to Making Beautiful Memories on Your Couples Vacation
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After a few years together as a couple, you might believe that your relationship has started to become stale or that you do not do as many exciting activities together as you did when you first got together. Although vacations are notorious for ruining relationships, there is plenty of studies that now suggest the contrary. Then, to rekindle your relationship and to help you to remember why you fell in love with each other in the first place, here are some top tips to make beautiful memories on vacation.

·      Look for Unique Accommodation

If you are planning to spark the romance between you on vacation, you should make sure that your accommodation suits your needs. Nothing will get the romance going less than a tent in the middle of nowhere or a shabby motel room. Instead, you should look for unique accommodation in your destination. For instance, Yurtel offers yurt hire throughout the summermonths that can allow you to escape reality and indulge in the beauty of the natural environment around you. Not only this, but glamping together can often make you feel as if you are the only two people in the entire universe, with the self-catered style of the trip allowing you to go at your own pace and to avoid being disturbed.

· Spend Time Together

Although this might seem obvious, the most important step you can take to make beautiful memories while on vacation is to spend time together. Many couples feel as if their relationship is growing stagnant because the chaos of daily life prevents them from getting quality time together. However, vacations improve your relationship by allowing you to spend plenty of time with one another. So, rather than splitting up during the day to do your own thing, you should find activities that both of you will enjoy, even if this is as simple as lounging by the pool or going on a long, sun-soaked walk. This will also give you the opportunity to discuss any challenges that you are facing as a couple on neutral ground and when you are both in the right mood.

· Be Spontaneous

However, to keep your relationship alive, you should be spontaneous. Although a bit of vacation planning never hurts anyone and will prevent you from arguing about what you want to do with your vacation, leaving time for spontaneity can allow you to revisit the excitement that you both felt in the early days of your relationship when anything seemed possible. You might also consider planning a surprise for your partners, such as a bucket list trip or a special dinner.

A Guide to Making Beautiful Memories on Your Couples Vacation

·Put Arguments Aside

Vacations are meant to be filled with fun from sunrise to sunset. However, all this free time can lead to arguments and the rising of old resentments if you are not careful. Then, you should try to put sore points aside for the duration of your trip unless you feel ready to speak about them calmly. You should also consider planning aspects of the trip which could spark conflicts, such as your budget or the documents you will need.

· Enjoy Downtime

One of the mistakes that couples make when they decide to go on vacation together is not planning enough downtime. Although you might believe that you can have downtime when you get home, if you fill your days with endless activities, this can cause you both to feel overwhelmed, tired and irritable. Then, you should ensure that you schedule in plenty of time for simply relaxing and indulging in the pleasures of each other’s company and in being somewhere new.

·Limit Alcohol

Many couples decide to soak their vacations with alcohol, going to bars and clubs every night of their trips. However, consuming too much alcohol on vacation with each other can lead to arguments and miserable hangovers the next day- as well as splurging your spending money all at once. Then, you should try to limit the amount of alcohol that you consume, keeping this as a treat on a few nights of your getaway. 

·Keep it Short

There is nothing worse than being on vacation and feeling as if you are ready to go home. Rather than going on a long vacation that will leave you counting down the days until you get on your return flight, you should try to keep your vacation short. For instance, weekend city breaks are a popular option with couples. This will ensure that you can more easily maintain enthusiasm throughout and that you can both avoid becoming tired halfway through the trip.


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  1. True, true and true. I love this post because I love love. Thank you for the tips, I especially noted the 'limit alcohol' and 'keep it short' ones.

  2. Thank you. Glad you like it.

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