Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone. Choose Growth Over Comfort

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Have you ever noticed that when you’ve been comfortable for a long time, you get a little stale? Do you know why that is? It’s because comfort and growth simply do not occur at the same time. It may as well be a law of the universe. You have to pick one over the other.

What is a Comfort Zone?

A comfort zone is a set of constricting habits that surround us in a zone of presumed comfort. These habits, attitudes, routines, customs, or frames of mind often hold us back well below what we are capable of being. Through our subconscious, they shape what we think we can and cannot do. They control what we cannot bring ourselves to experience. We are in a rut as long as these habits and customs form our second nature. A person’s comfort zone creates a large part of their personality.

Our natural inclination is to be comfortable. After all, comfort is safety, and being safe has its advantages. The desire to be comfortable and safe prevents us from accidentally falling off the roof or intentionally driving our car into a tree.

Unfortunately, the only way any of us can truly grow is by having the willingness to stretch ourselves and try new things.

For example, imagine joining a public speaking organization. Although this might be uncomfortable for many people, it’s hardly dangerous. How would you feel about giving a speech every week?

Consider how much something like this could change your life.
You would be exposed to new people and ideas and learn a new skill. You could get over a fear of public speaking. That surely has the potential to impact your future more than repeating the same routine you’ve been doing for the last 6 months.

Successful people routinely step out to reach their goals. They allow themselves to experience new and different behaviors and embrace the new, varied responses. Self-development occurs when new vistas open. In time, new habits and goals create a newly expanded comfort zone.

Why is getting out of one’s comfort zone important for developing mental toughness?

Getting out of one’s comfort zone is crucial for developing mental toughness because it provides individuals with the opportunity to challenge themselves and push their limits. By stepping into unfamiliar territory or facing fears, individuals put themselves in situations that demand resilience, adaptability, and perseverance. This process of testing one’s core skills and capabilities allows for personal growth and an enhanced ability to handle adversity. Mental strength, akin to other skills, requires practice and exposure to uncomfortable or new experiences to reach its full potential. Therefore, breaking out of the comfort zone is essential for individuals to develop the resilience and fortitude needed to navigate challenges effectively.

Try these ideas to Embrace Growth:

Consider the long-term.

Where will you be in one year if you continue down the same path you’re currently traveling? Answer: In the exact same place you are right now. Any other result would be due entirely to luck. Do you want to rely solely on luck?

Before rejecting a growth opportunity, think about where you might end up if you don’t at least try.

What is the real risk?

Consider what the worst outcome could possibly be. Can you handle it? If you can, then you should move forward. If you can’t then it might be best to find a better option.

Realize your time is limited.

Everyone seems to believe they will have more time. Hence, most of us put things off until another day. We erroneously believe things will be easier in the future. Everyone only has so many tomorrows. There is rarely a good reason to procrastinate. Just get started!

Start small.

For example, instead of going back to college full-time, maybe it would be easier to try taking one class at a time. Ease into change and you’ll likely realize it’s not really as challenging as you thought.

Make a trade.

A great way to grow is to trade one routine for another. Instead of watching TV every night, go to a yoga class or join a book club and meet new people.

  • What has the last year of television done for you?
  • What would going to an exercise class every day do for you?
  • What could reading books and meeting new people do for your social life?
Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone. Choose Growth Over Comfort

Be brave.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with being uncomfortable. At the end of the day, all emotions are just your interpretation of the physical sensations you experience in your body.

You don’t have to let your discomfort stop you. With practice, pushing through emotional discomfort becomes easier.

Final Thoughts

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone is uncomfortable by definition. However, that’s where personal growth is experienced. The longer you stay in one place, the more challenging it is to make changes. Your thoughts and actions become more repetitive, and you’ll usually find yourself in a rut.

Move into a place where your life can grow and get better. It’s not the easiest path but it is the most fulfilling. Pick one area of your life and start moving forward today. You’ll be glad you did!

Acting on your dreams, desires, goals, and wishes will all make you move out of your comfort zone. If you want to create the life you hope for, keep on practicing moving out of your comfort zone. Before you know it you will become captivated with the joy and feeling of accomplishment it brings to you.

What is a Comfort Zone?

A comfort zone is a set of constricting habits that surround us in a zone of presumed comfort. These habits, attitudes, routines, customs, or frames of mind often hold us back well below what we are capable of being.

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  1. I definitely agree that it's only when we step outside our comfort zone will we begin to experience growth. It will make us learn new things and gain new experiences.

  2. Life begins beyond the comfort zone. We retreat to the comfort zone when we need rest and some time for ourselves. The growth and expansion of horizons, however, is outside the comfort zone. Excellently written article, I was happy to read it.
    Friendly greeting,

  3. Those are some great tips to keep in mind and you will never grow in the same place you are comfortable in. Definitely need to be brave and take some risks.

  4. These tips can really help me to be brave in the future! Thanks for providing this blog post – it shows enlightenment.

  5. Amazing!!! Change over stagnation and as you said, growth over discomfort!!! Very insightful.

  6. Thank you so much. Worth reading.

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