The Akbar Birbal Story: Everything Happens For Good

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Akbar Birbal stories are very popular among kids and elders alike. Akbar Birbal stories can be considered a genre by itself. The main characters of these stories are Emperor Akbar and his minister – Birbal. And all the stories revolve around their wit, wisdom, and intelligence as they try to outdo one another in a fun way. These tales have been in circulation for years now, across the country, even though the original author is not known.

The Akbar Birbal Story

One day King Akbar with his minister Birbal went hunting in the forest. During the journey to the forest, the king’s finger was cut and blood flowed. The minister told the king, “Do not worry, Rajan! God does what he does, for good only, have faith“.

The king was disturbed by the pain, so when he heard the minister’s statement he became angry. In anger, the king ordered the Minister to give pulses in his imprisonment. Following the order of the king, the soldiers immediately arrested the minister and put him in jail.

On the next day, the king went to the forest but he was separated from his troop in the mid forest. some were far away and the king was alone when a group of cannibals caught him. They started preparing to sacrifice him to their GOD. Only then, the priest of the cannibals seeing his slit finger said – Hey! he is wounded, God won’t accept his sacrifice.

They freed the king, then the king remembered his minister’s words and realized his mistake. He ran to the minister who was in prison and hugged him.

The king told him about the incident and asked, ” if I cut my finger, then God saved my life, but I humiliated you so much then what good did it do to you “? The Minister smiled and said – “Rajan! If I was with you then at your place, I would have sacrificed, therefore whatever God does, only for the good of man. “

The Moral Of The Akbar Birbal Story: Everything Happens For Good

The moral of the Akbar Birbal story is that everything happens for good. Even though it may not seem like it at first, everything happens for a reason and everything will work out in the end. This story teaches us to be patient and to have faith that everything will eventually work out for the best.


Occasionally, such incidents happen even in our lives, which we do not like at that time, but mostly that fire proves to be good for us. So if there is such a decrease in your life then do not worry, overthrow negative thinking and look at the positive aspects of the incident.

Everything happens for good- this is a moral that we can learn from the story of Akbar and Birbal. Akbar was a wise ruler who always listened to Birbal’s advice. Even though Birbal was not always right, his advice helped Akbar to make good decisions. We should never give up hope because everything happens for a reason.

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