About Me

                   What does the sunrise and sunset means to you??
       Well for me the Sunrise is my symbol of new beginnings; a new set of precious minutes, 1440 of them every 24 hours; complete with new opportunities, choices, and attitudes.
   The Sunset is my symbol of closure; a means of reflection, surrender, and learning that happens each and every day.
     My goal is to stay positive and affect my personal outcomes in the best possible way; remembering that somewhere there is always a sunrise and a sunset; a continuum of hope that is everlasting. I positively believe that I always do my best and my best is good enough, each and every day.

     This website is a humble attempt to talk about being positive by staying connected to our positive side and make our lives beautiful even when apparently we're in deep problems!! Because only when positivism prevails, happiness prospers! I'm not a preacher or a motivational guru. I'm a friend, who wants to make this world a positive place to live!  There's so much of negativity around. Just like only light can kill the darkness, I want to help vaporize the clouds of negativity...as a humble friend!

     I encourage all of you viewing this Website to join me in the learning and sharing that can empower you to be in charge of your own life.

Welcome to my website.



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