5 Ways to Stay Motivated After a Crushing Setback


No matter the size of the goal you’re pursuing, you will encounter a setback at some point. Many setbacks are minor enough to bounce back from fairly quickly, but from time to time, you may experience a setback that crushes your confidence and kills your motivation.

If you didn’t get hired for a job, don’t blame the hiring manager. Instead, figure out what you could have done better. How could you have prepared differently? What could you have done to stand out from the crowd?

Take responsibility—and use it as motivation to do better next time

What was that one thing that made you want to achieve this goal? When you find that thing again—that motivation—you’ll feel that fire again, and it’ll be easier to stay motivated after a failure.

Remember why you started

Acknowledge how far you have come. Even if you’re only two steps into a forty-step journey, you’ve made progress.

Recognize your effort and progress

You need to develop your resilience and change your perception of failure. View each setback as an isolated incident rather than a prediction of every result you will have going forward.

Resilience is key