How To Handle And Win Any Argument


An argument is won by the person with the most compelling argument, NOT with the loudest voice!


It’s a good idea to get your opponent on your side. You can do this by making statements that you know they agree with.

Telling a person they are wrong will only annoy them, and it does nothing for your argument

Appear To Be Open-Minded

Don’t let your opponent sense that you’re digging into your position without being willing to consider alternatives.


When someone loses an argument, it’s common to see them try to divert the topic to something else – hoping you won’t notice their weakness

Ask Questions

When your opponent states what they believe to be a fact, probe deeper into the fact with questions that expose its flaws.

there will be times when your opponent gets the better of you, and they corner you. When this happens, just concede the win, and you should always be graceful in defeat. Nothing is worse than a person who argues for the sake and refuses to give in.


“That’s the beauty of argument, if you argue correctly, you’re never wrong.”

Christopher Buckley