How To Become More Aware Of Your Emotions

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How you feel affects everything you do, and how you feel largely depends on how aware you are of your emotions. Emotional awareness means knowing when you’re feeling an emotion, what caused it, and what effect it’s having on your body and mind.

Listen to your feelings

Allow yourself to experience, support, and channel uncomfortable emotions as productively as possible. It will enable you to feel more freedom, joy, and peace.

Identify the Feeling and its intensity.

For example, fear may show up as a knot in your stomach or a tightness in your throat. Our bodies are all different, so you will have to pay attention to your body and not just rely on others' experiences.

Interpret the Feeling

While it is natural to think that you are responding only to the events of your life, in fact, you make interpretations or judgments of these events, and these interpretations play a key role in your emotional responses.