Simple tips to live a Happy and Successful life.

Scribbled Underline

Avoid Egoism

Usually, most of us are of the (false) opinion that we know more compared to others. causes irreparable damage to ourselves and also our family members

Avoid the fear of Defeat

Be brave and have the courage and mentality of “come what may happen, I face it boldly”. Certainly, your mind will be free from that devil of fear.

Proper Planning

With proper planning, the problems will appear small.

Family responsibilities

Owning family responsibilities is the part and parcel of successful living. Nobody takes any interest in other’s family problems. Be with your family when they need you the most.

Financial Securities

You must earn money and secure it either in cash or kind, for future safety. But, your earnings should be in a rightful manner, not in illegal ways, under any circumstances.

Avoiding postponing mentality

Nobody knows about tomorrow and what is in the preserve for it. Today is equal to ready cash. So, it better depend on cash, rather than cheques  (which may be bounced) often.

Dedication and devotion:

Devotion and dedication have positive roles in achieving success and goals in our life and career.