How To Progress Your Career as a Medical Professional

How To Progress Your Career as a Medical Professional
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If you are a medical professional and you are growing tired of your current role, then it may be time to start thinking about moving on. Naturally, it is best to aim upwards when you are considering a move to fresh pastures, because otherwise it does not present much of a challenge, and you will likely grow bored with your new job in no time at all. Furthermore, by being ambitious about your next job, you are proving to yourself that you are confident, able, and ready for a challenge.

It is surprisingly easy to fall into a comfort zone when you stay in the same job for a long time. You start to know it inside out, and your routine becomes subconscious. This may be satisfying for a while, but you will quickly stop developing your skills or growing as a person.

This is a susceptibly dangerous drop-off because once you become settled into a corporate comfort zone, your confidence leaks away and you feel you can’t take the risk of a new challenge for fear it will upset the status quo.

However, you may be stuck as to how you can progress your medical career. If new job offers aren’t opening up to you, it can be tempting to forget about the whole idea and maintain your current routine. This is arguably the wrong decision because you are only sweeping the problem under the carpet, ready to raise its head further down the road. 

Instead, you need to make your own opportunities. If you want to progress your medical career without waiting for a promotion or being headhunted, you are going to need to develop your skillset to encompass new areas of expertise, train in a new area of healthcare, or work on your networking skills to meet more people and therefore uncover more opportunities. 

It might be that technology is changing a particular healthcare sector and that by becoming acquainted with this tech, you can stand out from the crowd as a source of expertise. Alternatively, you might want to switch careers completely, going from a middle-management or primary care professional to a business owner. 

The choices are endless, so long as you put in the work to develop yourself. 

This is how to progress your career as a medical professional:

Study to become qualified in a new profession

One of the most transformative ways in which you can progress your career as a medical professional is to become qualified in a new role, changing your career track completely.

This is certainly not an option to take lightly, but if you have long been dreaming of pursuing a certain healthcare career, or a particular qualification is holding you back from gaining a promotion, then it could be worth seriously considering.

There is no one-size-fits-all advice for becoming qualified in a new profession, as different roles require different qualifications, but there are certain tips to take on board before you drop out of your job to go back to studying.

Indeed, it may not even be necessary to quit your job – at least at first. 

This is because there are a variety of different study options, some of which allow you to balance your studying with your work.

It goes without saying that this is a compelling option because you effectively get to have your cake and eat it, earning income and maintaining relative stability while becoming qualified for a new role.

For instance, if you want to become a nurse practitioner, then you could undertake an online nurse practitioner program, which you can complete wholly online, without having to quit your job or move to a university campus. 

Reflect on what you want to do next

Before you make any concrete decisions about your future career which you may later regret, it is imperative that you take the necessary amount of time to reflect on your career so far, the decisions you have made and how fulfilled you feel. 

If you can, book some holiday leave and get away from the coalface for a while. It will help you take your mind out of your immediate responsibilities and allow you to gain more perspective. Often, if you want to create a change in your life, you will feel a physical yearning before you can rationally understand why, so be patient with yourself. The answer will present itself in time. 

Once you have a clearer idea of what you enjoy about your current circumstances, and which parts you don’t like, you can better formulate a plan that will work for you in the long term. 

Search for the most rewarding job you can find

When people reach a plateau in their careers and are eager to progress in new directions, often the deeper reason behind it relates to lack of purpose or meaning.

This is not to say that your job has no purpose, only that it may not reward you on a deep enough level. Money is great and it pays the bills, but once this issue begins to recede, you may start to crave a more rewarding work environment.

If you work in healthcare, there is a good chance that you entered the industry in order to help other people. However, as with most plans, it is easy to fall off course and end up in a role that does not appear to be helping anyone other than your boss and your bank balance. 

It could be time to seek a more meaningful role elsewhere. If in doubt, search for the most rewarding job in healthcare you can find, and know you can excel in. 

Learn a variety of other skills which you can implement into your work

If you are struggling to progress in your healthcare career, then it might be time to increase your set of skills. 

After a long time being stuck in the same job, your skills can become one-note, able to complete your daily tasks well, but not applicable elsewhere. 

Don’t let this hold you back.

Thanks to the information age, you are never far from a source of information that can teach you to expand your skills. 

For example, you might want to branch out into leadership. This is an excellent option if you have achieved everything you want to in a ‘frontline’ job, and want to be able to wield more influence and implement your expertise further up the food chain. 

By developing your ability to give engaging speeches, pitches, lead a team, delegate, and hold court in meetings, you will catch the attention of your superiors, who may earmark you for a management role in the future. 

Train yourself to use the latest technology

The healthcare industry is constantly adapting, with innovative new technology being integrated into work processes constantly as a way of delivering better care to patients. Given that this technology may be a novelty, few people within the industry will know much about it, so there is an opportunity waiting for anyone who can master it early and train others on how to use it properly.

There is no shortage of examples of technology currently falling into that category. 

Blockchain, for instance, is a digital technology that few people know much about, and yet it has the potential to completely transform how healthcare is delivered. 

If you are looking for a fresh opportunity or a way of progressing your career in healthcare, you could educate yourself on the blockchain, learning how it works and how it can help primary medical staff. 

You might even want to become an entrepreneur and start getting involved in the delivery of technology to healthcare companies if you are passionate enough about the technology. 

Becoming an expert in a technology that the whole industry could rely on gives you a significant edge over your colleagues and improves your personal value to healthcare firms significantly, which will progress you into new areas. 

Move into entrepreneurship 

Leading on from the last point, you may discover that you have a calling as an entrepreneur. 

If you are tired of working for someone else, or feel you have reached your ceiling of potential working in your current role, then you may want to seek out the ultimate challenge as a healthcare entrepreneur. 

If you have been on the frontlines of healthcare, then you will know what primary caregivers need to do their jobs effectively. Perhaps there is an innovative tool or technology that you can produce and sell to healthcare companies, which would dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare, or maybe you’ve just had an idea for a product burning inside you for many years and you need to make it happen.

There is no doubting the fact that becoming an entrepreneur is a difficult road to embark upon, but it can also be incredibly rewarding and offer limitless career progression

Learn how to make your income work for you, so you aren’t so constricted by your wages

If you want to be able to scale back on your day-to-day job, in order to pursue your dream career in healthcare, then your largest hurdle to overcome will be how to sustain yourself financially.

There is no quick fix for this, but if you want to make yourself more financially secure, it could be time to learn more about finance, investing, and how to generate more money through a side hustle. 

This will help you create enough money to be able to chase your healthcare dream, rather than be stuck in a job you don’t feel gives you any meaningful reward.

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