What do You Need to Start Your Own Charity?

What do You Need to Start Your Own Charity?
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If you were thinking about starting your own charity, the chances are, you have already thought of a cause that means the world to you and one that you would fervently support by any means necessary.

In many ways, this is precisely all you need to start your own charity, a passion, a cause, and a sincere belief that you can make an important and positive impact in the world.

To allow your idea and passion to grow into a well-established and recognized nonprofit organization, here are some points you might want to consider.

A Mission Statement

By coming up with a mission statement that perfectly encapsulates what you hope to achieve, you can start developing your vision of the future with your organization at the center.

Coming up with a mission statement that people will relate to and want to donate to and support is easier said than done, even if you know exactly what you want to achieve with your organization.

Convincing people to turn towards your cause can take a great deal of careful thought, so it might be worth checking out some examples of the best nonprofit mission statements to help you get inspired.

Your mission statement can provide the starting point from which you build your website, image, and plan.

Register Your Charity

To get your charity registered and legally recognized, you will need to apply for a specific form called a 1023 series, which you can find more information about on the IRS website.

Before you go ahead and take the next steps, it may be worth seeking some professional advice from a registered lawyer, as this can help you make the most informed decision possible. Moreover, depending on where you plan to be operating from, there may be more licenses and registration processes to watch out for.

Taking some time to research whether or not this applies to you is important if you want to start off on the right foot.

Start Fundraising

How will you plan to raise funds for your cause? This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of running a charity, as you will likely rely heavily on donations to make it sustainable.

There are other sources of funding available rather than directly from the public domain, such as trusts and government bodies, but it coming up with a plan for raising a steady amount of funding is essential.

There are many ways to do this, yet there is no universal solution, so depending on your cause and type of charity, you may want to consider a combination of:

  • Launching a Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • Organizing Fundraising Events
  • Enlisting the Help of Volunteers
  • Growing Your Digital Presence
  • Blogging
  • Contacting Media Outlets
  • Getting Influencers Involved
  • Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Taking to the Streets and Showcasing Your Charity to the Public

Keep Track of Where You Spend the Money

People like to know how their donations can make a difference, so keeping on top of where you are spending the money is extremely important.

Even if you know it is going to a good cause, actually showing where it went is a must in creating a trustworthy nonprofit whose progress can be observed by all.


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