Simple Tips To Increase Self-Esteem

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Tips to increase self-esteem

       Just like anything else in your life, your self-esteem needs to be balanced.  Too little self-esteem can cause you to make poor decisions, settle, and not live life to its full potential.  Too much self-esteem and you may become arrogant.  Let’s be clear that not everyone who has an “ego” is necessarily self-esteem. Sometimes people with low self-esteem actually hide behind egos and deep down really have very little confidence.

Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on. – Maxwell Maltz

Self-esteem affects every aspect of your life.  Everything from relationships with friends, family, co-workers, and romantic relationships can thrive from having the right amount of self-esteem.  Even if our bodies, diets, careers, and fitness aren’t where we want them to be yet, we can be confident on the way to achieving our goals.  For most of us it’s not having enough self-esteem that is holding us back, so let’s look at some ideas for improving our confidence.

1. Spend Some Time Discovering Who You Are.

Make a habit of turning the TV and radio off if you don’t have a specific program to watch.  Often we don’t spend enough alone time with ourselves and our thoughts to even know who we are.  Spend some time answering the following questions and writing down your answers:

  • What am I good at?  List everything you are good at even if it’s something as simple as brushing your teeth.
  • What are my passions?  List everything that you love about life and what it is you want to be.

2. Think Only Positive Thoughts About Yourself.

We are our own worst critics.  We tend to be very hard on ourselves and think negatively about ourselves.  Start trying to pay attention to the thoughts you think and replace any negative thoughts with positive affirmations.  For instance, if you often think negatively about your weight, you can start thinking “I am thin and beautiful” whenever you catch yourself about to think negatively.  It will seem awkward at first, but it takes about a month to replace a habit, so keep it up.  Also, take time to write positive affirmations in a journal about yourself every day.  Some examples are: “I am up to the mark of my life.” “I am strong.” “I love myself and who I am.”

3. Avoid Toxic People.

It may be impossible to completely cut off negative people out of your life, but minimizing the time you spend with these energy-vampires can be beneficial.  No one enjoys being criticized or dragged down into a whirlpool of negativity.  Surrounding yourself with positive, supportive and encouraging people can do wonders for your confidence.

4. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others.

You may look at someone and think they have something you don’t, but the fact is they may be looking at you and thinking the very same thing.  Someone may be a better tennis player than you, for example, but you can tell a much better joke.  Judge yourself by your own standards, because you are unique!

5. Learn from — but let go of — Mistakes.

Absolutely everyone, no matter how perfect they may seem, do mistakes in life from time to time.  This is how we learn — like the process of learning to walk as toddlers.  If we don’t stumble, we don’t learn how to keep our balance.  Keep this in mind as you venture out into the world.

Tips to increase self-esteem

6. Be Thankful.

It’s impossible to be down on yourself and thankful at the same time.  Write out everything you are thankful for.  List everything from food to being thankful for the air you breathe.  Pull it out the next time you start to feel down.

7. Live In The Moment.

The more time you spend dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, the more of the present you are wasting.  Life is NOW, and you should get out there and embrace it.

8. Find And Do Things You Enjoy.

Whether it’s sewing, painting, dancing, swimming or karate, hobbies are a big self-esteem booster.  Even if you are not an expert, doing something for the pleasure and challenge builds your sense of who you are.

Implement these simple tips above into your daily routine and you are sure to have bundles of confidence before long.  We are each in control of our own happiness.  A co-worker, love interest, or friend cannot take your happiness.  You can only give it away.  The next time a situation arises that gets you down and starts to strip your Self-esteem don’t let it.  Turn to the lists you made, your affirmations, and go spend time with yourself!

Do share your Tips To Increase Self-Esteem in the comment box.
Thank You.

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  1. I find that I have more self esteem the older that I get. When I'm very old, I shall be very bold.

  2. This was really needed. Thanks for sharing.. ..

  3. Thank you for the comment Stacey .It's tough but we learn so much in difficult times. I am so happy for you and wish you a happy and bright future.

  4. Growing up I never had any self-esteem. I then got married and what little trace of self-esteem I had vanished as quickly as it appeared. Now that I'm 15-years post divorce (Yay for me), I finally found myself and my self esteem has finally arrived. It may not be in full force, by hey, even 1/4 is better than nothing. This was a great piece and thank you so much for sharing.

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