Be Mindful. Be Grateful. Be Positive. Be True. Be Kind.

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      I was just in a conversation with someone who’s life is completely consumed by negative thinking. He has been this way for so long do you think it’s even possible to change his way of thinking? I do, but I believe that person has to have the desire to want to change. This person was speaking negatively about situations that hadn’t even happened yet.

      I personally believe that positive thinking is more than just a frame of mind though. I look at positive thinking in terms of phases:

1.) Admit that you aren’t thinking positive and want to change those thoughts.

2.) Feed your mind with positive “things”

    a.) Books- Try to read self help books and biography of successful will encourage you to   change yourself for better life.

    b.) Internet web sites and articles-- Read articles and watch videos that will help you to grow your personal and professional life

     c.) Environments-- Try to be in positive environment as much as possible


3.) Change your surroundings, yes this can even include family members and friends.

4.) Find people that encourage you and make you feel more positive.

5.) Learn to sense your negative thinking and stop it in its tracks. Change those negative thoughts into positive ones.

6.) Pray and read God’s word to see all of the amazing things he has promised us and believe in them!

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